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An Open smile..... Toothpaste" is an irreplaceable product of daily use. It keeps our teeth clean and brightens our smile and makes us confident. It must not be swallow it accidentally while brushing without any complications. That’s why Proactive Plast is totally committed and devoted to the production of Tube Laminate for Oral Care.


Proactive Plast Private Limited offers in various Laminated Tube Web in a range of Foil Laminated and Plastic Barrier Laminated materials, each with their best quality to meet your requirements. The layers of Laminated Tube Web combine to form a very effective shield that protects against air, light and humidity. We offer Laminated Tube Web at very affordable prices in the market.


Proactive interprets merits of Toothpaste Laminate, dedicating the passion and capabilities that its technicians have built up over the years of studies. Today, a big thanks to our experts’ efforts of constant R&D on new materials and solution, Proactive is among the most important Indian producers of Tubes Laminate and numbers among its clients the big multinationals of the sector. We also provide for the same as for the cosmetics, Pharma, food and household sector. Proactive Plast Private Limited develops and offers number of innovative packaging solutions for cost effective laminate by using high speed TANDEM EXTRUSION COATING & LAMINATION line and Fully Automatic BLOWN FILM line.

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