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List of QC Equipment

Our state of the art infrastructure is very much friendly to our quality control system with having following inbuilt quality control equipment over machines

  1. NDC Gauging Scanner and Auto Thickness Controlled Die from EDI

Superior measurement and control technologies for consistently high product quality

Successful Extrusion operations demands running at the highest possible line efficiency. This means maximum process uptime, minimum raw material consumption, low rejects plus quality that meets today’s stringent requirements. It is vital to squeeze as much yield as possible out of today’s high cost resins and produce a flat, uniform, quality product that exceeds the performance expectations from the downstream processes. Meeting the extrusion measurement challenge.

  1. Advanced Vision Technology, Ltd (AVT) Print Vision  is in our printing line

The AVT Print Vision platform is an innovative Automatic Defect Detection Solution for web printing applications.  With its Advanced Automatic Inspection software module and ergonomic design, Print Vision visually inspects all kinds of printed materials on the press – including transparent and flexible substrates used in the packaging industry – and automatically detects imperfections such as

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